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5G Network Coming To Airplanes

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Something new is coming to the North American skies in 2021. An in-flight internet service provider company, Gogo, is bringing 5G network to planes. This service will bring faster Wi-Fi to business jets and small commercial fights in Canada and America.


The company’s commercial aircraft in the region still get their internet connection from the ground stations. Gogo now says it will graft the 5G network on the 250 towers the company used to power its air-to-ground service.


Gogo will deliver a 5G connect to aircraft using a modem and 2.4GHz spectrum. The company explained that it will support all spectrum types and bands in a bid to prove its ability to increase its capacity in line with 5G technology.


The company will also offer backup 3G and 4G connections to the 5G capabilities on the planes. Gogo says it will first deploy the 5G technology on some towers for testing.


Gogo 5G network on aircraft


Gogo has so far used satellites to help aircraft connect to the internet. They have been able to get more popular using satellite-based internet since 2016. They grew from servicing 59 aircraft to 670 in 2018.


The company now provides an internet connection to over 10,000 aircraft in the business aviation sector. Gogo shifter towards satellite internet because it is less troublesome than ground-based connections. This, of course, comes with its own issues, especially when multiple aircraft end up connecting to the same tower.


The company, however, admits that moving to the new network is important for its growth. It says,

“If our next generation ATG solution fails to perform as expected or its commercial availability is significantly delayed as compared to the timelines we establish, our business, financial condition and results of operations may be materially adversely affected.”


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