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5 Reasons Why Smartphone Batteries are No Longer Removable

Remember when you could change the batteries of your smartphone at will? Of course, those days are gone and below are the five reasons why;


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The Idea of Waterproofing Smartphones

It is easy to get caught out in the rain, accidentally spill a beverage on your phone or be pushed into a swimming pool.


Removable batteries mean smartphones would be a lot more difficult to seal up and be made waterproof. Batteries that can also be swapped are bulky because they need protective casing. Manufacturers need all the space they can get to pack as many features into modern smartphones. This is why the modern batteries are thin and all the protective casing they come with is the sealed casing of the phone itself.


Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers no longer use plastic in the main design of their devices. They have replaced it with glass or metal. With a glass panel, an attempt to pry it off might break because it is fragile. As for metal? You really do not want to be wrestling with metal panels whose edges may be sharp enough to injure you.

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So You Would Change Your Smartphone Often

Yup, it’s true. And it is a very shady reason. Before, when your phone’s battery begins to lose charge quickly, all you need do is walk into a phone service center and get yourself a replacement battery. However, with in-built batteries taking over now, you are compelled to send your smartphone to a service center for servicing at a fee of double the cost of getting a replacement battery. If not, what happens? You go get a new smartphone. You are being forced to go get a new smartphone.


Shady? Of course.


Power Banks

So you could charge your removable batteries even when you were far from a charging socket? With in-built batteries, the solution is to get a power bank. The availability of power banks is also a reason why manufacturers no longer give you phones with batteries you can remove.


Carrying an extra battery around is ridiculous when you can use a power bank that would charge your phone while you’re on the move.


It is well known that Apple influences opinion amongst manufacturers. From the first iPhone to the latest; which one ever had a removable battery? None. And, other smartphone manufacturers started to borrow a leaf from Apple’s playbook. Realizing that consumers would take functionality over comfort.


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