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12 Hilarious Reactions To The “Sonic The Hedgehog” Trailer

A couple of days ago saw the release of the “Sonic The Hedgehog” trailer. Prior to that, fans have been reacting to the posters released. Finally, fans of one of the 90s most beloved gaming characters got to see the film’s official trailer and not everyone was happy about it. The social media community took to making their views known through meme posts. Does Sonic deserve such reactions? You decide by watching the trailer HERE.


The “Sonic The Hedgehog” trailer features Jim Carrey as the villainous Robotnik and James Marsden as Tom Wachowski. Wachowski is a small-town Sheriff who assists Sonic in his quest to save the world. However, a lot of questionable moments in this trailer have most Twitter users buzzing.


Sonic the Hedgehog trailer



Sega produced the first Sonic game in 1991. The beginning of the trailer looks promising. It begins with a jaded cop (James Marsden, “X-Men”) sitting in his car. Then he’s surprised when his police radar reads 760 miles per hour. While investigating, he discovers a shining blue hair. Obviously, we know the source and can’t wait to see our favourite blue gaming character.


Then, we get hit with nostalgia as we see the golden rings circling the Paramount opening sequence. After that, the familiar Sega logo pops up. The nerves are on end at this point! After a shot of an old boombox playing Coolio’s 1995 hit “Gangster’s Paradise” to set the scene, we see him. The Sonic live-action character we’ve all been waiting for. He looks as blue as we remember, and his CGI appearance looks amazing. Well, that’s what we think because others had mixed reactions.


We’ve scoured through Twitter to find the most hilarious comments of them all. Certainly, there are others that deserve to be featured. However, we decided to share just 12 of the reactions we could find. Drop yours in the comment session, and we’ll be sure to crack up with you too.


12 hilarious reactions to the trailer

Reactions ranged from the expected to the unexpected, but we can’t deny that they were hilarious.

































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