You are currently viewing 11 most important website metrics to track in 2022

11 most important website metrics to track in 2022

Website metrics lets you know if your site is doing well or not and by extension, which areas to improve or double down on. Without these vital measurements, you may find yourself stuck in a loop: not making much progress.

See 11 key website metrics to watch in 2022

1. Page views: It goes without saying that regardless of the kind of website that you are running, you need to increase your page views to grow. This data shows you the number of times a page on your website has been opened..

2. Average time on page: To know how long visitors spend on pages on your website, this is the metric to look at. It informs you if your contents hold attention to keep visitors or not. Also, this metric tells you which kind of people are coming to your website.

3. Average session duration: A session is the interactions your website gets in a certain amount of time. It can be page visits and other activities.

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4. Pages per session: This is the metric that tells you how visitors spend their time on your website. For example, are they reading a single page during this session or moving quickly from page to page?

5. Bounce rate: This shows the percentage of your visitors that leave as soon as they get to your website, without interacting with the page that brought them or visiting another page.

6. Traffic sources: Sometimes, you need to know where your users come from because it will tell you where to target your marketing activities or budget, in future. This is exactly what this data tells you.

7. New visitor sessions: This tells you how many new visitors interact with your pages in a period of time.

8. Repeat and new visitors: This metric shows how many people return to your site and how many new visitors come. It is important to keep both stats on the increase because it means that you retain visitors because your content is good and you bring new ones by reaching more people.

9. Conversion rate: Your marketing efforts, be it organic or paid, can be measured using conversion rate, which shows how many people who see your content actually take action. If your content reaches 10,000 people, for example, and the interaction is low (let’s say 5%), you know that you need to improve the content or target audience.

10. Exit pages: Exit pages shows the last page your visitors go to before leaving your site. If it is a consultancy page or contact page, you have to ensure that visitors are exiting because they reached out. Also, for content websites, if your top exit page is one lacking information, you may need to improve it.

11. Event tracking: Events are actions that visitors take on your site and it is important to track what these actions are because, you may need to create more of the high event and tie your revenue generation to it. For example, if visitors click clinks most on your website, you may tie affiliate links to them or a link to your sales page, if any.

Tracking these metrics will definitely help you grow your website and stay on top of visitors behaviour.

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