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10 Netflix Originals Coming In June 2019

The new month is here, and there’s so much to see on Netflix. Sometimes, it can be a bore on there if you have seen most of the good shows. However, new shows are coming, so there is a great line up to look forward to on your Netflix account. Whether you are paying for your own subscription or you are using another person’s, here are Netflix originals for June.


10 Netflix originals coming in June

1. Malibu Rescue (Season 1)


Release date: 3rd June

The TV series has been available on Netflix since 13th May 2019. The light-hearted children series depicts two groups of kids pitching against each other for bragging rights and to win the ultimate tower at Malibu beach.


2. Black Mirror (Season 5)


Release date: 5th June

The sci-fi Netflix series is releasing three new episodes on 5th June 2019. Netflix says the new stories are ones we should have seen coming. It will feature Damson Idris, Andrew Scott, Nicole Beharie, Pom Klementieff, Angourie Rice, Madison Davenport, Ludi Lin, Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackey as well as Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Topher Grace.


3. Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (Season 4)


Release date: 7th June

Netflix says, “Mary Ann, who returns home to San Francisco, reunites with her daughter Shawna and ex-husband Brian, twenty years after leaving them behind to pursue her career. Fleeing the midlife crisis that her picture-perfect Connecticut life created, Mary Ann returns home to her chosen family. She will quickly be drawn back into the orbit of Anna Madrigal and the residents of 28 Barbary Lane.” The fourth season is a Netflix exclusive that first aired 25 years ago.


4. 3% (Season 3)


Release date: 7th June

This is the longest running Brazilian show on Netflix. This season will be a bigger build up to the previous season. The sci-fi show is a competition where people compete to be among the 3% who will stay alive.


5. Designated Survivor (Season 3)


Release date: 7th June

The first 10 episodes are due for release this June. It will feature the return of Kiefer Sunderland as the president of the United States.


More June Netflix Originals

6. Murder Mystery


Release date: 14th June

Jennifer Aniston plays Adam Sandler’s wife as they travel on a getaway to Europe. They got an invite to a dinner where a murder coincidentally happened. Now, they have to prove their innocence. It looks like a great collaboration that’ll be worth the watch.


7. Leila (Season 1)


Release date: 16th June

This series is based on the book from Prayaag Akbar. It is about the story of a woman who is searching for her daughter who was taken away after she got arrested. It seems like Indian series are already getting a lot of attention.


8. Dark (Season 2)


Release date: 21st June

The sci-fi series will continue its mind-bending time travel journey. This one is teased by Netflix as “The apocalypse is coming.” The thriller, set in Germany, first came to Netflix in December 2017.


9. Mr Iglesias (Season 1)


Release date: 21st June

The series has comedy star Gabriel Iglesias who has already appeared in a lot of Netflix stand-ups so far. It will feature Iglesias as a high school teacher who is trying to help kids reach their fullest potential.


10. 7 Seeds (Season 1)


Release date: 28th June

This is an anime Netflix Original based on the manga 7 seed by author, Yumi Tamura. The manga ran for 16 years with 177 chapters, so it looks like there will be lots of episodes to watch. In the series, there was a prediction of the future where was a cataclysmic event that saw all life wiped off the planet. The government however selected five sets of seven men and women and sent into this future.

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