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10 Best Tech Christmas Gifts Ideas For 2022

Giving Christmas gifts is usually tasking if you are trying to do so in the dying minutes, the best time to sort out gifts is days before.

Here are 10 tech gifts that are perfect for the 2022 Christmas holidays:

10. Netflix subscription

All Netflix Subscription Prices and Plans in Nigeria - Ug Tech Mag

This Christmas, many of your loved ones may have some days off when they are looking to just take things slow. One of the best ways to relax is binge-watching TV shows and Netflix has several Nollywood entertainment content to offer, take care of someone’s subscription for this holidays. You can also upgrade your plan and add them to your account.

9. Christmas-themed phone accessories

Merry Christmas Phone Case For iPhone 14 7 8 6 6S Plus Cute Reindeer Bear  Funda For iPhone 12 13 11 Pro XS MAX XR X SE 2020 2022|Phone Case & Covers|  - AliExpress

Buy Christmas-themed phone pouch or airpod case covers for your loved ones and see their face light up when you give the gift to them. However, remember that Christmas-themed accessories have expiring dates. So, be careful how much you slash on them.

8. Christmas mug

Baking Spirits Bright Personalized Christmas Mug 11 oz White

A mug is always a good gift and one can never have too much mugs. Buy a Christmas-themed mug for your loved one and ensure it comes with a short message or inscription that will keep them smiling for a long time.

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7. Socks and scarves

Christmas Ornaments Socks for Men | Holiday Tree Decorating Socks - Cute  But Crazy Socks

The 2022 Christmas holiday has promises of being cold, even in hot regions like Nigeria, socks and scarves with the colour of the season are perfect gifts. Also, since the weather has a tendency to swing and change frequently, these gifts can be of use at a moment’s notice and fit perfectly into small bags for carrying along.

6. Heaters or electric kettle

Transparent Electric Kettle - 2L - 1500W | Konga Online Shopping

Sequel to the previous item, heaters and electric kettles will come in handy when the cold becomes unbearable. In addition, for people with a family, electric kettles and heaters serve as essential appliances all-year long. This is a gift that your loved one won’t forget in a hurry.

5. Replace damaged devices

Buy 3Pack [Apple MFi Certified] Long iPhone Charging Cable 10ft-Apple  Lightning to USB Cable Wire - 10 Foot iPhone USB Charger Cords for iPhone13  12Xs Max XR X 8 7 6 5

If you have seen your loved one struggling with their charging cords, earpieces, or phone screen, this season is the perfect time to offer to replace their faulty devices and accessories.

4. Curate playlists

Xmas on Spotify | Christmas playlist, Xmas playlist, Christmas songs lyrics

The holidays may be a time for your loved ones to relax. If you know their preferences, you can help them curate a soothing playlist to go with their relaxation time. Also, if your loved one is looking to party this Christmas, help them curate a list of songs that gets them moving.

3. Ugly sweaters

27 best ugly Christmas sweaters this holiday 2022

Yes, ugly sweaters are never going out of style. And this is the best time for them to wear your sweater gifts. You can get matching sweaters for everyone on your list and get them to send you pictures of them wearing it for your photo collection.

2. Portable solar power bank

Generic Solar Power Banks 20000mAh Waterproof Dual USB Output | Jumia  Nigeria

Gift someone a solar power bank this holiday and you are helping them sort out their power issues for a long time.

1. Christmas-themed cardholder

Premium Leather Card Holder - Unisex | Cuero Design

A cardholder is essentially an upgrade from a wallet and since many people prefer to move around with minimum cash, a Christmas-themed cardholder would be perfect as a gift.

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