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Elon Musk May Resign As Twitter CEO

Elon Musk may step down as Twitter CEO after he called for a public vote on whether he should remain as the company’s head or not. Although, as of when this article was published, the poll still had 2 hours left before it closed, those who voted ‘yes’ were leading by more than 14 per cent.

It is not clear why Musk was asking people to decide his future at the company he just splashed $44 million to acquire, but hours leading to the tweet had seen the platform announce one of its most outrageous policies.

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Twitter had said that henceforth, users will not be allowed to promote social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Truth Social, Mastodon, Post, Tribel, and Nostr. This ban included telling followers to follow your other accounts on these platforms as well as including them in your Twitter bio.

The news had generated backlash and Twitter seem to be going back on it as the Tweet has now been deleted. Then, Musk apologised to users saying that future major policy changes would be put to a vote first.

It is not clear if Elon Musk would honour the results of the poll and step down as Twitter CEO but he has promised to do so. He also claimed that he has no successor picked out yet.

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