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Zoom To Roll Out Automatic Live Transcription Feature To Free Users

Zoom is concluding plans to roll out support for its automatic Live Transcription to free accounts as part of its efforts to make the service more accessible. The company says the feature is coming to the accounts in the last quarter of the year.


Zoom is also allowing users to manually request access to the Live Transcription feature via a Google Form for free users who need access to the feature before then. The users can request by filling this form. Users that fill the form will receive a confirmation mail with further instructions.

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Zoom had previously had the automatic transcriptions feature. It previously had AI-powered live transcription for all its paid accounts. It also allowed meeting hosts to manually add their own captions, or use a third-party service.


Now, the feature will be freely available to the millions that rely on Zoom. On a support page, Zoom says that the Live Transcription feature is currently only available in English.


Zoom’s rivals, Google Meet already have Automatic closed captions available to its users. Even though Zoom is leading the way in videoconferencing, it is a refreshing sign to see that they are still innovating and adding features.


Part of its improvements includes; allowing meetings to pin and spotlight interpreters on a call, and adding screen reader support.



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