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Zoom ‘Temporarily’ Disables Its Giphy Chat Feature In Security Update

Zoom says it is disabling the integration of GIF platform Giphy in its chat feature. The move comes after Facebook’s purchase of Giphy with plans to integrate it into Instagram.


Zoom announced the change as part of its latest list of security updates to the platform. Other updates include limits on screen sharing, changes to muting and unmuting functions. Zoom is also restricting logging into meetings from multiple devices for meetings that require registration.


“To ensure strong privacy protection for users, we’ve temporarily removed the GIPHY integration in Zoom Chat. Once additional technical and security measures have been deployed, we will re-enable the feature,” Zoom said in a blog post.

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Facebook’s acquisition of Giphy may perhaps be responsible, as the social media giant is famous for security and privacy issues. The acquisition has also left other apps that use its services unsure of what will come next.


For Facebook’s rivals like TikTok, Twitter, iMessage, and others, the respite, for now, is that Giphy’s GIFs do not include the use of any embedded tracking. The company also says that its API (Application Program Interface) does not have access to users’ data.


Zoom has also had its fair share of security issues. From being banned by large tech companies to being banned by whole countries; the video conferencing app is trying to balance its increased popularity with responsiveness to widescale use.


The use of Zoom has soared as a collaboration and video conference tool since the beginning of the pandemic that has forced millions to stay at home.


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