Zoom Rolls Out New Security Features To Tackle Zoombombing

Zoom Rolls Out New Security Features To Tackle Zoombombing

Zoom is rolling out new security features that will help to remove and report Zoombombing or uninvited attendees who break into meetings to disrupt them. To access these tools, you’ll have to download the latest version of the videoconferencing app.


The new features are available on the Zoom desktop clients for Mac, PC, Linux, and mobile apps. One of the features is called Report by Participants. It allows users to report an intruder directly from the Zoom client by clicking the top-left security icon.


The second feature, Suspend Participant Activities, allows hosts and co-hosts to pause a meeting and remove an uninvited user. Then they can notify Zoom’s Trust and Safety team. After reporting the user, the host or co-host can re-enable meeting features like video, audio, in-meeting chat, or screen sharing, as they will be put on hold while they block the intruder.

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Zoom is also rolling out an At-Risk Meeting Notifier. This feature scans public posts online and across social media for Zoom meeting links. After scanning posts and it finds meeting information on public posts suggesting that a meeting is at a high risk of disruption, Zoom will notify account owners and admins via email.


The videoconferencing platform which has became heavily relied on for meetings collaborations and keeping in touch with loved ones came under heavy criticism, due to security lapses, chief of which was intruders disrupting meetings in a phenomenon known as Zoombombing. Since then, Zoom has rolled out security centered features to make its app safer.


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