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Zoom Rolls Out End-to-End Encryption For Free And Paid Users

Zoom has debuted its end-to-end encryption for its free and paid users. The encryption will help secure users’ meetings preventing even Zoom from accessing their content.


Zoom says the end-to-end encryption is supported across its Mac, PC, iOS, Android apps, and Zoom Rooms. However, its web client or third-party clients that use the Zoom SDK are not supported.


The company launched the feature in technical preview, meaning it’s asking for feedback on the feature for 30 days. But, Zoom says that the end-to-end encryption will still be available after the 30-day period.


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Zoom’s previously encryption only covered its calls, and the data was only encrypted between each meeting participant and Zoom’s servers. Now, the new encryption guarantees end-to-end encrypted between both meeting participants.


If you have end-to-end encryption enabled on Zoom you’ll see a green shield at the top left of a meeting window showing a padlock instead of a checkmark.


The end-to-end encryption, however, does not work with a few of Zoom’s features. Features like cloud recording, live transcription, polling, meeting reactions, and join before host features are not supported.


Zoom also says participants using telephone, SIP/H.323 devices, on-premise configurations, or Lync/Skype clients, won’t have the feature. Although the feature is available to all users, Zoom says free accounts will have to verify their phone number using SMS and provide a valid billing option associated with their account.


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