You are currently viewing Zoom announce new business tools at Zoomtopia 2022

Zoom announce new business tools at Zoomtopia 2022

Zoom, which had risen to its greatest during the pandemic, is still improving its offering services to stay relevant with new business tools and features at Zoomtopia 2022.

Between 2020 and 2021, many of us were just content with being able to make video calls with several of our colleagues. The bare minimum was welcome and Zoom, with its simple-looking interface, filled that void.

However, others like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Slack began doing more than just allowing you chat. Suddenly, there is so much more you can do on these platforms.

Zoom took the challenge up and evolved with its rivals. “Zoom has rapidly evolved from being a niche meetings company to a broad collaboration platform. delivers unparalleled employee and customer experience, and helps organizations address the current and future needs of work,” Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst of ZK Research said about the software.

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In its latest update, the company rolled out the following features:

— Zoom Mail and Calendar integration which lets users access email and calendar apps from the Zoom app.

— Zoom Spots, a continuous video-enabled space that works like a virtual room where colleagues and team members can pop into during work hours.

— Team Chat and In-Meeting Chat connectivity which allows users enjoy tools like chat, phone, whiteboard and more in Zoom One.

— Zoom Virtual Agent, an AI chatbot that helps reduce the volume of calls fielded by the company’s human customer support team.

— Zoom IQ Virtual Coach which uses sale situation simulations to train people practicing pitching and so on.

—  Monetization of apps for developers who get their apps on Zoom’s App Marketplace.

— Bundle essential apps that allows customers to bundle Zoom Meetings paid plans and Zoom apps with some from other developers.

As the company’s CEO, Eric Yuan said about the new features, it is crucial that human connection remains a top priority.

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