You are currently viewing Zinox Group Opens 2022 with Thanksgiving Service, Names Hall after TD Africa’s CEO

Zinox Group Opens 2022 with Thanksgiving Service, Names Hall after TD Africa’s CEO

TD Africa, Africa’s leading technology and lifestyle distribution company, ushered in officially the new year with a Thanksgiving Service in Lagos on Wednesday, January 5, 2022. The event which was held in a newly fitted hall at TD Africa’s head office in Yudala Heights, Victoria Island, Lagos, saw a gathering of staff of all the sister companies of Zinox Group. 

Zinox Group Opens 2022 with Thanksgiving Service, Names Hall after TD Africa’s CEO
Zinox Group Choir led by Glory Adebayo


The event opened with a remark by Mrs Chioma Nwoke, the HR Head for Zinox Group and host for the evening. She began by welcoming the staff present; the online audience included, to the service and went on to express hopes for increased productivity and profitability in the new year. Afterwards, the Group Choir led by TD Africa’s head of retail, Glory Adebayo, thrilled the audience with praise songs and hymns.

Zinox Group Opens 2022 with Thanksgiving Service, Names Hall after TD Africa’s CEO
TD Africas’s Head of Audit, Rose Elachi delivering words of exhortation at the event


In her exhortation to the audience, TD Africa’s Head of Audit, Mrs Rose Elachi, encouraged everyone to commit diligently to their assignment while forsaking all forms of eye service.

“Ultimately, our work is to the glory of God and not merely for salaries or praises from the boss. No matter how much we justify our excuses, they’re still just that – excuses. Therefore, we must endeavour to give our best no matter what to ensure that no stone is left unturned in achieving our organisational goals”, she urged.

No Shortcut to Success – Leo Stan Ekeh


Addressing the staff, Mr Leo Stan Ekeh, the Chairman of Zinox Group, the parent company of TD Africa expressed gratitude for the success recorded in the past year, while encouraging hard work and integrity in the new year.

“We open the year with gratitude, an important virtue which is unfortunately undermined by many. No one should be too big to give thanks; least of all the people of Zinox Group who have been blessed with success and health in the past year. Overall, the wins far outweighed the losses and that is worthy of thanksgiving”, he remarked.

Chairman of Zinox Group, Mr Leo Stan Ekeh


He continued by advising the group staff on the importance of good work ethics, consistency and excellence.

“Integrity and Hard work cannot be replaced on the journey to success, there’s no shortcut. There is no reward without work – and not just any shoddy work, but an outstanding contribution towards the achievement of the group’s goal. Our goal is not just to make a profit, but to create wealth and an empowering platform for all our staff. Therefore, do not slack in your responsibilities, knowing that in building the organisation, you are also building yourself”, he advised.

L-R: Gozy Ijogun, MD Sales; Chioma Ekeh, CEO – both at TD Africa

Zinox Group Chairman Names Hall after TD Africa’s CEO

Furthermore, Mr Ekeh announced the naming of the hall where the service took place as Chioma Ekeh Auditorium – CE’s Auditorium for short, after Chioma Ekeh, TD Africa’s CEO in recognition of her excellent contribution to the growth of TD Africa and the group in general.

Speaking to a Plat4om reporter after the event, CEO, Mrs Chioma Ekeh expressed her surprise at the turn of events.

“What can I say? That was indeed a pleasant surprise! And a challenge I must add, because how can we stop now when the bar has been raised so high? After all, the reward for hard work is more work”, she enthused

She reiterated the need to press on saying, “Certainly, 2022 promises new opportunities for us here at TD Africa  – Zinox Group as a whole – and we are optimistic! That is why we have organised this service to celebrate our past wins, as well as to till the ground for fresh growth. By fellowshipping together like this, we’re stirring the communal spirit while prodding our team to tap into a goal bigger than every one of us in 2022 – to live and live well.”


Zinox Group Staff enter 2022 with dance and hearty spirit


Zinox Group begins 2022 with Thanksgiving Service in Lagos


A cross-section of Zinox Group staff at the 2022 Thanksgiving event


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