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Zebra Technologies Announces Military-Grade Durable ZQ500 Mobile Printers Series

Zebra Technologies recently announced the ZQ500 mobile printer series in a blog post along with details on some of its key functionalities and uniqueness.


The company which is a leader in products, software, service, analytics and solutions mentioned that the ZQ500 mobile printers are designed with military-grade durability. “Extreme environments, bangs and bumps are no match for [them]”, the company boasted.


Among the series, the ZQ511, ZQ511 RIFD, ZQ521 and ZQ521 RIFD are the most impressive and latest. They can handle 1300 tumbles from a height of one meter. Additionally, they come with a 2-year warranty and ‘unmatched intelligence and security’.


The mobile printers that Zebra now have under the ZQ500 series are; ZQ511, ZQ511 RIFD, ZQ510(older model), ZQ521, ZQ511 RIFD, ZQ520 (older model) and ZQ520 RIFD (older model).

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Besides being able to handle drops, bumps and tumbles its ruggedness gives it other protection. The printers can survive liquid spills, dirt, and ‘environmental extremes’.


These also include resistance to shock, vibration and temperature exposure. Their durability is not their only advantage. You can configure, manage and maintain ZQ500 mobile printers remotely from anywhere you are.


You can automate processes, control the security settings and check batteries remotely and in real-time as well. Also, with radio frequency identification (RFID) capabilities, in some of the Zebra mobile printers; you can track, print and encode labels anywhere.


The printers differ in print width and size. For example, the ZQ511 can print 2.83-inch/72mm while the ZQ521 can print 4.1-inch/105mm. Meanwhile, for battery, both the ZQ511 and ZQ21 use 3250mAh removable batteries.


Zebra Technologies also provided video guides for the ZQ511 mobile printers and the ZQ521 mobile printers. To purchase these mobile printers, contact Zebra’s sales team.


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