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Zambia Blocked WhatsApp And Others During Its Presidential Elections

Zambia reportedly blocked WhatsApp and other social media sites during its presidential elections on August 12, 2021.

Lusaka Times, a local news source announced that Zambia’s Ministry of Information and Broadcast services would shut the internet to curb election misinformation.Zambians start voting in elections seen as test of democracy | AP International | The Brunswick News

WhatsApp connectivity was first off, before Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This was seen by NetBlocks, as the Zambian government made the changes.

Despite the positives from the shut down of social media platforms in the country, wide election malpractices such as voters fraud and security were not going to be reported. This very act also shuts down freedom of speech during the country’s presidential elections.WhatsApp rolls out two major features: Large Media Preview, and more

Still, citizens found a gateway to go online through VPNs, the same route Nigerians are using to access Twitter after its Nationwide ban.


However, the Incumbent president lost the general elections, days after it was held.

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WhatsApp will soon allow users to transfer their chat history between iOS and Android. This is a nice feature as users wouldn’t need to have download their chat backup when switching smartphones.

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This cool feature was announced at Samsung’s launch event. The company’s flagship foldable Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 are eligible. Other Samsung phones “in the coming weeks” can access this feature.

WhatsApp just made it easy to switch between iOS and Android

The company seems to have taken a leaf from Google Pixel’s transfer strategy. Google in its initial Pixel shipping box has a Lightning to USB-C cable. This easily transfers your entire files and apps from iOS to its pixels.

WhatsApp’s new chat transfer feature solves an annoying data backup for Android and iOS. WhatsApp Backup is in either Google Drive or iCloud. Users can’t get their backed-up files once they switch to another OS.


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