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Zack Snyder Is Working On A Game Based On ‘Rebel Moon’


  • Zack Snyder is creating a role-playing game (RPG) based on his upcoming Netflix film Rebel Moon.
  • The film’s plot involves a young woman seeking help from warriors from neighbouring planets to save her doomed colony, and it features a star-studded cast, it is set to release on December 22, 2023.
  • Snyder claims that the RPG will be “insane, immersive, intense, and huge,” but did not provide many details. 


Director Zack Snyder is working on a RPG game that is based on his forthcoming Netflix movie Rebel Moon. According to the director known for his unique and dedicated movie making processes, the game would be ‘huge’.


The movie, which is set to be released on December 22, 2023, is an epic space opera production which was co-written by Shay Hatten (of John Wick 4 and Army of the Dead), Kurt Johnstad (of 300: Rise of an Empire and Atomic Blonde), and Snyder himself.


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While the movie is not yet streaming, its premise is tantalising as it is set in a colony facing doom and follows a young woman who seeks out warriors from naighbouring planets to help their cause.


Speaking about the game, Snyder said: “this RPG that we’re doing that is just literally insane and so immersive and so intense and so huge.”


Zack Snyder Is Working On A Game Based On 'Rebel Moon'
Zack Snyder Is Working On A Game Based On ‘Rebel Moon’


The movie maker did not say much about the details of the RPG but they hype is already on. His experience with comic book characters in the DCEU also makes the wait all the more worth it as many of his fans are confident that it would be an industry changing release. We don’t know which studio would develop the RPG as well, yet.


The movie’s cast include the likes of Ray Fisher, Djimon Hounsou, Anthony Hopkins, Sofia Boutella, Ed Skrein, Cleopatra Coleman, Michiel Huisman, and others. It will make for a good watch and likely a good game to see these actors in animated form.


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