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Zac Efron’s YouTube Channel Draws Mixed Reactions

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On 30th March 2019, Zac Efron crossed over to YouTube to publish his first video. This was officially on the channel which he just started. Although the YouTube channel garnered conflicting opinions, it got his fans excited. The comment section was filled with majorly positive comments. However, there were some very negative ones.



A lot of people shared their displeasure at the way the video was being promoted. YouTube put up a post urging its followers to watch the video, leaving people to question why Efron is getting preferential treatment.


They are calling out YouTube because the video-sharing site should give the same opportunity to everyone who uploads a video. The idea of the app is to be able to make a celebrity out of anyone as it has proven with beauty influencers, talk show vloggers and fashionistas. Some others complain that promoting a Hollywood celebrity’s page will draw attention away from smaller YouTubers. This would thereby reduce their chances of becoming successful on the site.


Others think YouTube is giving more advantage to an already privileged celebrity by promoting him on their social media page.



Zac Efron is the latest Hollywood star to cross over to YouTube.


In December 2018, Jack Black made his debut on YouTube too. He got traction by referencing other already popular YouTubers and left his teenage son in charge of the cameras. Will Smith’s page also seems to garner attention with his latest adventures piquing viewers interest.


However, unlike Black’s Channel, YouTube had also promoted Will Smith’s channel on social media. Fans also shared their displeasure about this.









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