You are currently viewing YouTube TV becomes US biggest paid internet TV service | Reaches milestone 5 million users

YouTube TV becomes US biggest paid internet TV service | Reaches milestone 5 million users

YouTube Tv has now reached 5 million users in 5 years, becoming the biggest paid internet TV service. Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan confirmed the news while speaking on a Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference panel.

Although, as TechCrunch notes, its biggest rival, Hulu, does not include trial users while counting how many users it has, YouTube TV does. So, it may not yet be the top dog in the US industry.

For comparison, the last time that YouTube TV revealed how many paid subscribers it had was in Q3 2020, and the figure was closer to 3 million. Meanwhile, in its latest report, Hulu has confirmed having 4.1 million paying users.

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“Five years ago we launched YouTube TV to rethink how we watch live TV, give users more choice, and unlock a new revenue stream for our partners,” Mohan had said. “Today, we’re thrilled that YouTube TV has become a thriving business of more than 5 million subscribers and trialers. This milestone is a testament to the amazing work the team has done to build a best-in-class experience.”

YouTube TV has grown astronomically since its launch and now offers more than 100 channels and add-ons such as 4K Plus and Sports Plus. It also has several features that give it an edge over competitors.

In a Tweet, YouTube parent company CEO Sundar Pichai also expressed excitement at the news. “Exciting milestone for @YouTubeTV – glad we quickly scaled from the rooftop antenna prototype to supporting over 5 million viewers today!,” he wrote.

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