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YouTube Shorts Clocks 50 Billion Views Daily!

Summary: Google’s YouTube Shorts has reached 50 billion daily views, which is still less than Facebook and Instagram Reels’ 140 billion daily views and significantly less than TikTok’s 900 billion daily views in 2022. Google has implemented measures such as the availability of the feature on its smart TV app and sharing ad revenue with Shorts creators to encourage them as the company faces challenges in generating revenue from digital ads.


Google has said that YouTube Shorts, its answer to TikTok short-video content dominance, has clocked 50 billion daily views. It was previously averaging 30 billion views every day at the beginning of 2022, according to a TechCrunch story.


50 billion might be a lot but it is nothing compared to Facebook and Instagram Reels, which is also an answer to TikTok by Meta. The company said that the short video feature recorded 140 billion views everyday since October 2022.


These two numbers are dwarfed significantly by TikTok’s record, and it is why the two giant American companies are racing against it to stay competitive. Stats published by Influencer Marketing Hub claims that TikTok recorded over 900 billion video views every day in 2022.


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Google has made major moves to help YouTube Shorts, including offering the feature on its smart TV app. Also, starting from February 1, 2023, the platform began sharing ad revenue with Shorts creators to encourage them.


Shorts growth is timely as the parent company is seeing difficult times as digital ads continue to return low revenue.  With 1.5 billion logged in users, and many more using the platform without an account, Shorts could see more views in 2023.


While Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg continues to reiterate that social media should be for bringing people closer, it seems the purpose has greatly moved on to interactions, views, and heavy usage.


Even Twitter, which has fallen low in the hierarchy of social media platforms, is leaning towards in interactions and usage. Although, to be fair, it was not originally meant to be a place for getting to know people but for sharing thoughts, discussing, and ultimately, disagreeing.


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