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YouTube rolls out new loop feature for chapters

YouTube has added a new feature that lets users loop chapters of a video, letting them play interesting portions of a video over and over again.

This new feature works with videos that include chapters and only requires you tapping on the Loop button that is now available in the Chapters menu.

Just a while ago, the video-sharing platform introduced the loop feature for videos. It allowed users to keep watching the same video continuously. Now, it is upgrading the feature.

Android Police reported that YouTube first teased the feature in January 2022. Now, some users are beginning to see it. Both YouTube mobile app and desktop users should already be seeing it.

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To use it, just go to a video’s menu, where you usually get to pick Chapters, and tap on the repeat logo that has two beside the portion that you want on repeat.

YouTube loop button for chapters
The loop button for chapters shows beside the share button on the YouTube mobile app.

It seems that the company wants to keep users glued to their screens longer than usual, but, who watches a particular chapter of a video on repeat?

YouTube is also allegedly working on an interface overhaul for its mobile app, although, it is just mostly rumors from insiders at this time. It is said to be bringing rounded buttons for the like, dislike, share, create and other features.

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