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YouTube Now Has Its Own Tudum Startup Sound, Listen Here

YouTube now has a new startup sound, like you hear when you start a Netflix video, but it has touted its own version as been expressive and story driven.

According to reports, the sound has been on the app’s TV version and even on the YouTube app on PS5. However, we heard that it is not yet fully available for Apple TV YouTube app. Listen to the YouTube startup sound here:

On its blog post, the company said that it uses the sound to convey emotion, texture and organic imperfection of humanity. “A sound with musical gestures like melody, harmony and modulation that reflect the idea of connecting interests, people and cultures,” YouTube explained.

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It worked with Antfood studio to come up with the sound and creative outfit Buck helped it with the animation, given it a totally new sort of viewing experience.

For a long time, YouTube has remained basically the same with very few changes over the years. However, with the ad business not being the same as it was, every company tapping from its huge revenue stream is improving to offer more and attract more and more viewers.

“A sound with dynamic textures and bright melodies, ranging from small to large, close to far and intimate to bold. A sound that, even though it’s short, gives a sense of a narrative arc, with a clear beginning and end,” it further said about the cheery tune.

Google says that sound will be coming to locations over the next few months. “The initial idea behind the sound was to have something vibrant, engaging and easily recognizable, so that as soon as you hear it – even if you’re turned away from your TV or device – you know that something’s about to pop up on YouTube,” it added.

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