You are currently viewing iOS users get YouTube picture-in-picture feature for background playing

iOS users get YouTube picture-in-picture feature for background playing

Google surprisingly rolled out the long-awaited picture-in-picture YouTube feature for iOS users first, ahead of its own Android customers.

It is understandable when other developers roll out new features for iOS users first, as we have seen in the case of Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat several times. But for Google to do so when Apple is a direct competitor to its Android phone is shocking.

While the feature has been available for Android YouTube Premium users for a long time, Google just made it available for every iOS device –for free! Although, the company added that it plans to make it available for every user in the United States.

Picture-in-picture is a coveted feature that made many YouTube users take the plunge into Premium subs. It allows you to minimise videos and leave them playing on small square screens while you open other apps and attend to other engagements. Once you close the YouTube app on your phone, the video stops playing without it.

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YouTube picture-in-picture feature for iPhone
YouTube picture-in-picture feature for iPhone

If you are using an Apple device running on iOS 15 software and newer, you will see a shortcut button to activate the feature easily.

In related news, the video-sharing app has had multiple run-ins with the Russian government over content casting its invasion of Ukraine in a positive light. It is a surprise that it is still accessible in the country at all because the government there has blocked others like Facebook and Twitter (or made it inaccessible in some regions).

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