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YouTube Music Gets New Explore Tab To Aid Easy Access To Contents

Google is rolling out a new feature for YouTube Music called Explore. This will replace its existing Hotlist tab and it will aid easier access to contents on the app.


YouTube Music had recently seen a new library feature that allows users to add a track to their library. When they do this, the primary artists and the album will also be listed automatically on the dedicated pages.


Recently, Google had redesigned the Player Page on the app. The new design had garnered praise as users appreciated the changes. Now, Google is not further improving YouTube Music as more people turn to the internet during the COVID-19 lockdown.


This new Explore feature replaces the old Hotlist function. There are major differences that this change brings. Before, the Hotlist tab showed music videos that were trending. While this portrayed the main focus of the app and has been there since its launch, Google thinks users deserve more.

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According to XDA Developers who broke the news, the new Explore function will bring a more modern feeling to the app. As its name implies, users will be able to find more music now than they were able to find before.


The tab has major pages such as New Releases and Moods & Genres. New releases will help users quickly find the latest songs — like Hotlist was doing before. However, Moods & Genres will assist users in finding the perfect playlist or genre to fit a particular situation or mood.


In addition, it will also have a page dedicated to New albums & singles. This will further aid quick music searches.


These features have always existed on YouTube Music, but they were not put in the forefront and required users looking for them to use them. Now that they are more pronounced, they will likely be more frequently used than before.


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