You are currently viewing YouTube handles and 5 ways it improves your brand’s channel

YouTube handles and 5 ways it improves your brand’s channel

— YouTube handles are already rolling out for creators and will reach every user with a channel.
— Handles will be unique to channels and will be used for their YouTube-specific URLs.
— YouTube will notify every channel as soon as they can create their own handle.

YouTube announced handles on October 10, 2022, and the feature is already rolling out for all creators. The video sharing platform touts the feature as a way for people to easily find your channel, but that is not all.

Here are five ways YouTube handles can improve your brand recognition:

1. It helps you improve brand recognition because your handle is unique to your channel and it appears on your pages and in Shorts as well. The feature is like a rip-off of TikTok’s version, where the creator’s handle appears to one side as their video plays.

2. It is a way to stop imitators from scamming users and stealing views. You’ll recall that YouTube creators complained about losing genuine fans and views to other users who were using similar names. YouTube handles will be unique to channels, and makes it easier to establish yourself as an authority.

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3. Since, if you have picked a handle, no one else can use it, YouTube ensures that you choose the one unique to your brand by notifying creators when they can choose one for their channel. This way, it gives genuine creators a head start to pick the unique handle.

4. Handles make it easier to build a community on the platform as it allows you to mention others in comments, tag them in the title of videos or give credit to collaborators. This way, everyone gets more visibility and increase the chances of reaching new audiences.

5. If you don’t have a URL before now, as soon as you choose a handle, the platform creates a unique one for you like and you can use it to direct people to your channel. (For creators with URLs, as soon as they pick a handle, the old one will redirect to the new one)

“We want to ensure creators can craft an identity as unique as their content, while giving viewers the confidence that they are interacting with their favorite creators,” YouTube said in its blog announcement.

 5 ways YouTube Handles improve your channel recognition
Image Source: YouTube.

Additional details to know about YouTube handles

It is also important to remember that all channels on the platform will eventually get handles. However, as already mentioned, you will be notified when you can do so. In case you believe you may have missed the notification, go to this link to check your eligibility status.

In addition, if you have not chosen a handle by November 14, YouTube will coin one for you using your channel name. You can opt to edit this handle later, if you don’t like it. Handles will start appearing in Shorts player, Search results, your channel page, within comments, mentions, and more as soon as the feature is available for all channels.

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