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YouTube Gaming App Set To Shut Down

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YouTube’s standalone gaming app will shut down on 30th May 2019. In 2018, the video sharing platform announced the impending shutdown. They said the spinoff had initially caused confusion among gaming fans. YouTube has instead integrated the service into its main app. It launched a game-focused hub that has replaced the old YouTube Gaming.


YouTube has now taken to its help page to direct its remaining game fans to the newest hub. It has also merged YouTube with the YouTube Gaming subscriptions. But this could mean that people will lose the list of games saved.


In the page, YouTube explained that they…

“…launched YouTube Gaming as a standalone app for gamers where we tested out new features based on the gaming community’s feedback. We want to continue to build a stronger home for the gaming community that thrives on YouTube.”


The gaming platform launched in 2015. YouTube marketed it as a way to improve the live streaming experience. It was also meant to sieve out irrelevant content so that gaming fans can only see gaming contents.


YouTube Gaming was a testbed for features like channel membership and a dark mode. The company says most users still watched gaming videos on the main app and they really had no understanding of the gaming platform.


The best feature of the gaming platform was later added to the core app where it got more attention.

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