You are currently viewing YouTube blocks Russian government media, RT and Sputnik, worldwide

YouTube blocks Russian government media, RT and Sputnik, worldwide

Here is why you get a ‘This channel is not available in your country’ notification when you try opening Russian-owned media companies, RT and Sputnik, on YouTube.

About a week after blocking access to RT and Sputnik channels in Europe, YouTube extends the ban worldwide in new policy enforcement.

According to the policies quoted by the YouTube Insider account on Twitter, both companies violate the rules of the platform. One of the rules is that a channel must not deny, minimize, or trivialize ‘well-documented violent events.’

The new development is in line with Facebook and Twitter’s actions in restricting access to Russian state media companies.

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However, Russia is not taking the tech sanctions sitting down. The Putin-led government has banned Facebook and Twitter for some users in the country, and it recently added Instagram to the list, starting from 14 March. Likely, YouTube may enter Russia’s bad books soon after this move.

Even before the ban, the Google-owned company had stripped both channels of their ability to monetise by freezing ads on their videos. With tech sanctions piling up against Russia, it will soon be time for crypto exchanges to choose: oppose the system and remain independent as they sold themselves all along or fold and become a tool for the very system they should be fighting.

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