You are currently viewing YouTube beat Spotify and Apple as number one podcast platform
YouTube beat Spotify and Apple as number one podcast platform

YouTube beat Spotify and Apple as number one podcast platform

YouTube remains a streaming giant and beating Spotify and Apple as the number one podcast platform just adds to its achievement. Its more impressive when you consider that it is yet to roll out a standalone podcast product.

According to a report by Luminate, about 78 per cent of US podcast listeners between the ages of 13 and above use YouTube for podcast streaming. This report tallies with what Cumulus said in May 2022 about the Google-owned video streaming platform.

Ariel Shapiro wrote for the The Verge that YouTube has managed to achieve these monster numbers without launching a podcast feature.

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“YouTube’s presence in podcasting has been largely passive, but it is now embracing its position as the most-used podcast platform by launching a dedicated podcast page. This is the first significant step YouTube has taken in consolidating podcast listening.

The page debuted in late July and is still in the rollout process, according to 9to5Google. It can be accessed only in the US at or through the Explore page (in-app or browser), where there is a new podcast tab,” Shapiro said.

Likely, when this feature becomes global, YouTube may completely annihilate competitors. The new YouTube Podcast page would feature trending shows to listen to and popular channels to subscribe to.

For now, the podcast industry is still too small to be a major focus for YouTube. Also, if things get too serious, Google may use its Podcasts Android app to keep its share of the market.

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