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YouTube Announces 50 Million Subscribers On Its Premium And Music Services

Google says it now has 50 million subscribers on its YouTube Music and Premium. The company made this announcement recently. Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen announced the milestone in his monthly newsletter.

The 50 million users also include users trying to use its premium, and others on a free trial. The subscription service began six years ago, and YouTube says it has paid out $4 billion to the music industry. These monies are from its ads and subscriptions.YouTube 50 Million Subscribers | Tech Times

Cohen attributes the growth of YouTube’s premium membership to its community’s engagements. The growth is experienced in “countries like Korea, India, Japan, Russia and Brazil where music is a top passion.”

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium has seen a massive jump from 30 million subscribers in December 2020 to now 50 million.

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In other news, YouTube is offering three months of Stadia Pro free to its premium members, although limited. Stadia Pro is somewhat the competition to the Microsoft xCloud platform, all based on cloud gaming.

Did Google Just Kill Stadia? – TechMoran

YouTube intends to give its new premium subscribers a taste of its games on the cloud platform. Three months of free Stadia Pro tops the normal one month trial for regular gamers.

According to 9to5Google, this promotion starts this week in the following countries: US, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

The promotion is not available to old YouTube Premium members, or accounts that had trailed the Stadia Pro. New YouTube Premium members would see the promotion once they sign up.

When the 3 months trial ends, Games bought during that time remains in the Stadia accounts while Pro games will be unavailable until the renewal of the Pro version.


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