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Your Heart Needs This Food To Survive

We take our body for granted sometimes and fail to treat the heart the way it deserves. It’s true the busy can give away signs when unhealthy. However, rather than wait for that critical moment, it’s wise to feed it with healthy food items.

The heart is one of the most important organs in the body and it needs to be given special attention at all times. This is why the importance of healthy eating cannot be over emphasised.

Now, for that superb meal plan, here are some food items that can give your heart a healthy boost.

Your Heart Needs This Food To Survive



Tomatoes are rich in potassium and lycopene– an antioxidant which is responsible for the red pigmentation of the fruit. Studies have shown that these two components have a positive effect on blood pressure and an overall benefit for the heart.


Olive oil

Olive oil is highly rated as one of the most heart-healthy cooking oils. This is because almost all the fat content in olive oil comes from monounsaturated fats which help increase the amount good cholesterol in the body while reducing the harmful ones. These harmful cholesterol play a major role in the most heart related diseases that exist today.


Walnuts are known to be a great source of plant-based omega 3 fatty acid, proteins, fibre and alpha-linolenic acid. These component help reduce risk factors for heart disease, including high cholesterol and high blood pressure.



Not all sources of animal protein or fat are harmful to the body. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are lean proteins and are a great animal protein option. They are high in protein but lower in cholesterol and saturated fat than red meats– beef or lamb– which make them safe for consumption.

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