You are currently viewing “Young Rich & African”- The Cast, Drama, & Flaws

“Young Rich & African”- The Cast, Drama, & Flaws

“Young, Famous & African” dropped on Netflix this month and it’s the newest reality series Nigerians are binging.

The show follows the drama, romance, and lives of African celebrities living their best, and lavish lives.

Set in Johannesburg, the seven-episode series features nine cast members from music stars and actresses to stylists and media personalities.

First, let’s meet the cast.

Khyani Mbau

Leading the cast, Khyani is a famous South African actress who first rose to fame in 2004 when she starred in South African soap opera “Mzansi”.

She has since hosted various entertainment shows.

Khanyi is also a businesswoman and has created her own line of gin. Presently. she is in a relationship with Kudzi Mushonga who also featured in the series.

Diamond Platnumz

32-year-old Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz is a famous East African star. In 2020, he was the first sub-Saharan African artist to earn over one billion YouTube views.

The self-acclaimed player’ is also a dad of four or five children, from three different women.

Annie Macaulay-Idibia

Annie is a Nigerian model, presenter, and actress.

She has acted in more than 200 films and several TV series. Annie was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Best of Nollywood Awards in 2009. She is the wife to Nigerian singer, 2Baba and they have two children together.

Nadia Nakai

Nadia is a South-African-born Zimbabwean rapper and TV personality.

The 31-year-old was recently nominated for “Artist of the Decade” at the 2021 South African Hip Hop Awards.

Swanky Jerry

"Young Famous & African"- See The Cast, Drama, & Flaws

Celebrity fashion stylist Jeremiah Ogbodo, aka Swanky Jerry, rose to fame after launching his brand Swanky Signatures Styling.

In 2014, he was named Fashion Stylist of the Year at the Lagos Fashion Awards, and in 2020 made Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 lists.

The 30-year-old has dressed some of the biggest African stars including co-reality TV star Annie Idibia.

Zari, The Boss Lady

"Young Famous & African"- See The Cast, Drama, & Flaws

Ugandan businesswoman Zarinah Hassan is the heir and CEO of Brooklyn City College, which she co-founded with her late husband Ivan Ssemwanga.

The 41-year-old socialite attended school in London from an early age.

The mother-of-five shares three children with her late husband and two with co-star Diamond Platnumz.

N***d DJ

"Young Famous & African"- See The Cast, Drama, & Flaws

Quinton Mansina aka N***d DJ is a South African radio personality and club DJ.

This isn’t his first time on screen, as he previously appeared in the Real Housewives of Johannesburg with his then-wife Naledi Willer.

Quinton, 40, is now in a relationship with Kayleigh Schwark.

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Kayleigh Schwark

"Young Famous & African"- See The Cast, Drama, & Flaws

27-year-old Kayleigh posts her glamorous life on Instagram, yet she still remains a bit of a mystery.

The show labels her a socialite, although MailOnline has stated she is a human resources consultant.

Andile Ncube

"Young Famous & African"- See The Cast, Drama, & Flaws

Last but not least joining the A-list cast is 40-year-old TV personality Andile Ncube. Ncube has hosted various shows like The X Factor South Africa and The Search: E! Host South Africa.


“Young, Famous & African”  came with its own drama. First, there is the Annie and Zari fiasco. The duo foght and drag themselves till the end of the series with Annie banning Zari from attending her renewal of vows.

There is the Zari and Khanyi drama in episode six. Zari invites her friends to her blue train party to blow off some steam then Khanyi drags her for being too proud and treating them as fans.

Annie, Swanky Jerry, Khanyi Mbau and Kudzi in the blue train

There is the Zari and Nadia drama with Nadia stating that the self-acclaimed boss lady gives her negative vibes.

Furthermore, Andile starts crushing on Zari, even when he will be going against the bro code since he is friends with her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz.


The show looked too scripted and some of the conversations didn’t come out as real or spontaneous. Swanky’s speech on the blue train looked like one of those speeches with a teleprompter in front.

Meanwhile, how did Annie get on the blue train hours after it had left the train station?. Was she already on the train without the knowledge of the other guests?. No information was given. The crew just wanted to give us suspense that didn’t look exciting.

Also, a reality show is supposed to be real, with the cast letting down their guards in conversations and appearances. Well, the cast of “Young Rich & Famous” were never to be caught “un-fresh.” Our faves were on heavy makeup even at night and fully dressed in sneakers, furs, and sunglasses.

Away from the drama and flaws of this show, “Young, Famous & African” is a good watch.  The series also spotlights the strengths of the African entertainers and how they can come together to produce a project that is currently widely watched all over the continent.

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