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You will soon be able to hide your online status on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is working on a new privacy feature that lets you hide your online status, according to WABetaInfo. The online reactions to this news prove that it is one of the most anticipated improvements on privacy.

As always, the company has not confirmed anything yet. However, if there is anything that covering the tech industry news has proven, it is that the guys at WABetaInfo are reliable. Of course, even if the Meta-owned company does confirm working on the coming feature, it does not mean that it is guaranteed to roll it out for the public, unless testing goes well.

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The news outlet shared a screenshot of the new privacy feature and it shows that you can choose who can or cannot see when they are online. It is a follow-up on the “My Contacts Except” option that the social media platform added a few weeks ago to its “Last Seen” status setting.

The issue with the initial setting update was that it allowed contacts to see who have viewed their message, even if they turned off their read receipts. This will be fixed with the new online status feature that WhatsApp appears to be working on. It would allow users to stop the same people they restricted from seeing their Last Seen status from knowing if they are online.

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