You Should Definitely Explore These Five Mouth-watering Igbo Cuisines

You Should Definitely Explore These Five Mouth-watering Igbo Cuisines

The Igbo people of South Eastern Nigeria are blessed with mouthwatering cuisines. A trip to any eastern state will open your mind and belly to tasty delicacies that you may not even want to return back to your base.

Looking for recipes to learn? below are five popular Igbo cuisines you should know about.

1. Bitter Leaf Soup

Ofe Onugbu or bitter leaf soup is a popular soup of the Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria. While Ofe Onugbu cut across the entire Igbo land, it is more peculiar to the Igbo people of Anambra and Enugu State. Although the name of the soup is bitter leaf soup, the soup itself is not bitter because the leaf must be thoroughly washed to get rid of the sharp bitter taste before it is used.

2. Oha Soup

Oha is one of the most popular Igbo soups, it is consumed throughout the length and breadth of Igbo land but is more popular among the people of Enugu where the oha tree grows the most.

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3. Nsala Soup

Five Popular Igbo Cuisines You Should Know About

Ofe Nsala also known as white soup is a very mouth-watering white soup indigenous to the people of Eastern Nigeria.  Ofe Nsala is mainly prepared for nursing mothers. This delicacy is traditionally made without the use of palm oil as compared to other Igbo soups that require red palm oil as one of its main ingredients.

4. Ofe Akwu (Banga soup or palm nut soup)

Five Popular Igbo Cuisines You Should Know About

Ofe Akwu is a very popular soup of Igbo people of South Eastern and south southern parts of Nigeria. This soup is eaten with white rice in Igbo land. However, people from South-south call this delicacy Banga soup. Banga soup can be eaten with starch, pounded yam, semolina, or garri.

5. Ofe Owerri

Five Popular Igbo Cuisines You Should Know About

This soup is more peculiar to the Owerri people where it got its name from.  This delicacy is often seen as expensive because it is made with assorted meat like cow meat, snails, dried fish, stockfish etc.

Do check the food category of our website to see simple directions on how to prepare all of these cuisines this weekend.

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