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You Can Now Travel To Germany Under Its New Skilled Immigration Act

On 1st March 2020, Germany effected the Skilled Immigration Act that welcomes skilled workers from other countries, opening a way for you to travel there. The Federal Government of Germany considered the new policy because of the lack of skilled citizens in the country.


The situation in Germany is really dire and poses a threat to companies and the industrial arm of the nation. According to a research carried out in 2019 by DW, it revealed that:


“Germany needs 260,000 immigrants a year to meet labor demand. A study has found that migrant labor from within the European Union will fall short of the economy’s needs. To plug the gap, Germany will need 146,000 workers per year from non-EU countries.”


Thus, Germany’s new act will make it easier for skilled professionals to enter the country. While it is exciting to hear this, it is also important to note that a skilled professional must have a tertiary education degree or a vocational training qualification of at least two years. A relevant authority in Germany has to officially recognise all foreign qualifications.

Here are some of the things the Germany new Skilled Immigration Act will bring:

1. The qualified professional only has to show either an employment contract or a specific job offer. It removes the priority check by the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit – BA). This usually checked if an applicant from Germany or the EU is available for the same job.


2. Proven qualified professionals can pursue any occupation opportunity that their qualification enables them to.


3. Germany now recognises vocational qualifications. Thus, the residence permit allows qualified professionals to gain access to all professions for which they qualify.


4. Specialists with qualified vocational training will be allowed to enter the country for their job search by being granted a residence permit for up to six months.


5. Qualified professionals from abroad can now obtain a settlement permit in Germany after just four years as against five years in the past.

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For more information, interested applicants can check Making it in Germany’s article. In addition, the new act opens opportunities for people who seek to enter Germany as trainees or students.


Trainees must have B2 level German language skills. Also, they need at least a school leaving certificate from a German school abroad or a school leaving certificate. It entitles a person to receive higher education. However, the person must be 25 years old or younger and must be able to support oneself financially.


The new policy also enables foreigners who have successfully completed a vocational training course in Germany to receive a permanent settlement permit after two years.


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