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You Can Now Seamlessly Back Up Your Canon Camera On Google Photos

Google is now making it easier to transfer images from your Canon camera to Google Photos. New Canon cameras now have a feature that allows them to automatically upload photos and videos via your phone to Google’s platform.


The automatic backup feature on Google Photos works with both iOS and Android versions of the app. But the camera has to be compatible.


You also have to have the latest app update on your device. The new update comes with the new option for transferring photos to Google Photos directly from Canon cameras.

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After activating the new feature in the app, any photo and video taken afterward will automatically back up on Google’s photo storage platform. The best thing perhaps is that the pictures are synced to Google Photos at their original quality.


To use the feature, a Google One membership is required to transfer your photos. Google however is offering Canon camera owners a one-month trial on Google One. The trial period comes with 100GB of storage which will help them try out the service. After the trial period, Google One will charge $2 per month for 100GB of storage.


In February 2020, Canon launched a cloud backup service known as The service allows Canon cameras to back up photos and videos over Wi-Fi.


From, users can also automatically transfer their images and videos to other platforms like Google Drive or YouTube. The latest update has added Google Photos to that list.


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