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You Can Now Mute Those Annoying WhatsApp Chats ‘Til Thy Kingdom Come

WhatsApp is finally rolling out an improved mute feature that allows you keep distracting chats at bay forever. The new feature is tagged ‘always’ and it is what we have been waiting for.


Most WhatsApp users find themselves in Group chats that they do not want to be in and that they cannot also leave. Why? The reasons may be different, yet, regardless, the mute button has been there for us.


Previously, you could only mute chats for ‘8 Hours’, ‘1 Week’ and ‘1 Year’ but now, the last option reads ‘Always’. Meaning, you can opt to mute chats forever. Some users commented that the new ‘Always’ feature was unnecessary.

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However, it is still a welcome development. The company has been improving its features lately to give better user experiences. In October 2020, there was news that it will start allowing voice and video calls on its web version. We are yet to get this feature. Also, there are reports that big businesses will soon have to start paying for some features of its business app, WhatsApp Business.


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