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You Can Now Look At Live-Sized Animals In AR Through Google Search

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Google announced that it will bring Augmented Reality (AR) features to its search result at the I/O developer’s conference in May. The AR models allow users to look at 3D images in Google search results.


The feature has recently been made available to users with the ARKit or ARCore compatible devices. This is for both iPhone and Android mobile devices.



At the moment, the feature only has a few animals. Right now, users can check out the Tiger, Lion, Wolf, Rottweiler and Panda among others. With an AR-enable phone, users can select the animals they wish to see and place them in the safe search box.


Wolf AR Google Search


In case you are looking to use this feature here is how:

  • Go to Google on a compatible device.
  • Search for the animal you want to see in Google Search.
  • If the animal selected is available, it will show in a small box with an animated thumbnail and an invitation. If you have selected a tiger, the invitation will read “meet a life-sized tiger up close.”
  • Now, tap “view in 3D.”
  • The site will now populate an animated 3D model on the screen.
  • You can now click on the AR tab on the top of the screen to switch you to an AR view on your phone.
  • After a few minutes, the display will reveal the animal you selected in a yard.
  • You can now take a clean screenshot of the image.


The feature will enable people to see just how large these animals actually are and can be useful in the classroom to teach students.


Google explained that the feature will be used for other things too like shopping. You can now see a product in its true form before actually making a purchase.




The tech company is also looking to introduce the AR feature in Google Maps. It has also been releasing AR Playmoji stickers that users now play with. They can see the emojis in actual size as it is in the same room as them.


In 2016, Google had launched a similar feature. It allowed users to listen to animal sounds in the search results. People could do this by searching for ‘Animal Sounds.’

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