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You Can Now Have GIFs In Your TikTok Videos

TikTok will now let you add GIFs to your posts after a new update. The makers of the social networking app, ByteDance have partnered with GIPHY to bring users this feature. The interesting part is that TikTok memes will also now be available as GIPHY stickers.


The viral app among millennials is responsible for the success of many songs. This includes number 1 hit song Old Town Road by Lil Nas X. Users record themselves lip-syncing to popular songs and share the clips with their friends. TikTok is now working GIPHY studios to create new stickers for trends.


The GIFs can help express emotions like “babies are cute” or trends like #TurnUp. Users only need to hit the GIPHY button on the app to add a GIF sticker. Also searching for #getGIPHY on TikTok will pull up stickers inspired by creators on the app.


A lot of memes that originally went viral from TikTok are now GIF stickers. They are accessible to users when they search #TikTok anywhere GIPHY’s library is available.



The growing social network first became popular in Asia and gradually the whole world started to get in on the hype. The app now has more than 1 billion downloads on Android and iOS. The app seems like the reincarnation of the popular Vine app that was taken off by Twitter two years ago.


Meanwhile, it has not only been roses and dailies for TikTok. The UK is currently investigating the app for how it handles children’s data. The app was also told to pay $5.7 million (NGN2.052 billion) to settle Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges in the US for illegally gaining personal data from children.


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