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Yes To Mobile Entertainment: YouTube And Netflix Coming To Tesla Cars

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The idea of having some form of visual entertainment while in a car is one that isn’t new. Many cars these days have screens behind the front seats. It is interesting how much we can get into vehicles these days as well. That is why the news of being able to watch YouTube and Netflix videos on Tesla cars is so intriguing.


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Elon Musk and Tesla have some more fascinating ideas. They are not just serving the world with innovative electric autonomous cars, there is more.


YouTube and Netflix streaming services are coming to Tesla vehicles. However, the interesting part of this is that it will only work when the car is not in motion.




This is a safety precaution as the screen will also be on the dashboard. Although, when self-driving cars get full approval, the video service will be activated even while the car is in motion.


Elon Musk revealed this new feature in a series of tweets. In additions, the previously unveiled gaming and entertainment plans revealed by Tesla is coming soon. They made the announcement in June at the video game trade show, E3.


The exact date is still a mystery, but the car’s video game support should feature in the new update. The upcoming V10 update will feature multimedia portals like YouTube and Netflix.


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More games will also be included alongside improvements to Autopilot and Smart Summon. The latter is the technology that lets your Tesla drive to you from a parking lot via the app on your phone.



Tesla also has an internet package that allows users to access satellite view, web browser and in-car streaming music. These features, according to Musk, will be tied to Tesla’s premium package dubbed premium connectivity.


Musk also added that Tesla users can schedule service appointments via their Tesla phone apps.

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