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YCee Calls Out AKA For Xenophobic Tweets

In light of the xenophobic events of the past few days, Nigerian artiste, YCee has called out South African rapper AKA.


While condemning the acts of violence against Nigerians, YCee called out AKA for the statements he had made on Twitter.



YCee was apparently referring to the xenophobic rhetoric AKA was spewing after South Africa lost to Nigeria in a football match.


AKA tried to dispel the accusation by posting a photo with a Nigerian flag


But YCee was not buying it


This led to an exchange that did not go so well for AKA. Nigerians lashed out at him for being the face of xenophobia and subtly permeating harmful stereotypes.


The entire exchange can be searched and viewed on Twitter. YCee then ended the argument by saying:


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