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Yahoo Giving Users More Time To Download Data From Groups

In October 2019, Yahoo announced that it was deleting all data on the Group services. The company launched this feature back in 2001, and it allows members in a group to reach others with a single message. However, it is now deleting data stored on the service.


Previously, the company had said the deletion would happen on 14th December 2019. But probably because there were still lots of unclaimed data, it is shifting the deadline to next year. See the announcement tweet here:



Users who do not request for their data before 31st January 11:59 pm would lose it forever. After the cancellation is effected, members in groups can only email each other. Additionally, joining groups will be only by invitation from the group admin or writing a request.

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Since 28th October, uploading content on Yahoo Groups has stopped. This is to restrict the amount of data that they would have to erase. In a bid to help users retain their data, some internet archivists have taken it upon themselves to archive some of the information.


Yahoo has been functional since 1994. Photo: SlashGear.


But Yahoo and its owner company, Verizon did not smile at this action. They said it was in direct contrast to what they stood for and against their terms and conditions. So, they have blocked about 128 archivists from accessing their service.


Things have not been going well for Yahoo in recent years. Despite being the first pioneers in the internet revolution did not help it. Founders of the service, Jerry Yang and David Filo had to sell it to Verizon Media In 2016. This was after 22 years of running their brainchild.


The $5 billion deal was described as the saddest deal in tech history by Brian Solomon of Forbes. Now, with another feature about to close, the original company seems to be fading fast.


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