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Black Shark 3

Xiaomi’s Black Shark 3 ‘Gaming Smartphone’ Enters International Stores This May

Xiaomi’s Black Shark 3 has been announced in China since March 2020 but there are reports that people outside the country can now buy it from May 2020.


According to TechRadar, the Black Shark 3 has been available on the company’s official website but will be available on Amazon from 18th May 2020. Why is there a buzz surrounding this news on Black Shark 3?


The smartphone company is dedicated to making game friendly phones. Xiaomi’s huge investment and backing of the company have made many consider it a brand of the company.


While Black Shark has been making smartphones for a while now, its latest release has been turning heads. The specifications leave little or no doubt that it is the best that gaming enthusiasts can buy.


The Black Shark 3 uses a large 6.67-inch AMOLED display which dwarfs that of its rival, the Samsung Galaxy S20. It also uses a 90Hz refresh rate and is powered by the latest Android 10 OS.

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What makes it most special, however, is its Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. Besides supporting the 5G network, this processor has an impressive processing speed that makes it one of the best in the smartphone market.


In addition, Black Shark 3 has a ‘Game Space’ feature. When switched on, this feature limits other non-gaming features, thus, allowing the smartphone to dedicate all its power towards gaming.


Its 4,720 mAh battery capacity is even more impressive when you note that it comes with a 65W fast charging support for some models. All models, however, support at least 30W fast charging. While playing games, users can also opt to use the wireless magnetic charger as well.


It is not lacking in the camera department as well, considering that its three rear cameras are led by a 64MP shooter. Its ultrawide camera has a 13MP sensor and the smartphone uses a 5MP sensor to capture depth.


The Black Shark 3 is indeed a superior gaming phone as it has a storage capacity to be envied. Some versions have the 128GB/8GB RAM, while some use the 128GB/12GB RAM and there are those loaded with a 256GB/12GB RAM.


Another impressive thing about this device is that it is quite affordable. When it was released in China, the Black Shark 3 cost about $530, and TechRadar claims it will cost around $660 outside China, with high specifications costing from $800 to $980.


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