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Xiaomi To Bring Under-Display Camera That Will Erase Smartphone Notches

From leaked renders of an alleged coming Xiaomi smartphone, enthusiasts have found that the notch will be canceled out by an under-display selfie camera.


Smartphones have undergone several revolutionary changes. Their specifications have grown better and better, with each new release. While such things as battery capacity, fast charging, and improved network connectivity are part of these improvements; screen display is also important as well.


To solve this issue, smartphone companies have been redesigning devices over and over again. While some have ultimately eliminated the bezel with the edge-to-edge screens, some have tried their best to reduce it to considerable ratios.


However, one issue still prevents the smartphone from having an uninterrupted display; the selfie camera. They had designed the notch for this reason. And it has also seen several improvements to reduce it including the introduction of the ‘teardrop’ design.

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Yet it is not enough and while some have chosen to design pop-up selfie cameras, some have settled for tiny punch holes.


But Xiaomi is set to conquer this barrier with an under-display selfie camera according to leaks of the image of its coming smartphone. Meanwhile, this is not the first time under-display selfie cameras have been seen.


Since 2019, smartphones have been showing off their designs of the under-display selfie cameras. These early designs could not capture good images because the displays disrupted light from entering the selfie cameras properly.


Xiaomi under-display camera
Leaked image of the Xiaomi under-display prototype. Photo: GizChina.


For now, there is no information on whether Xiaomi has fixed this issue to improve the performance of the under-display camera or not. There is also no detail about its specifications as well.


The images that leaked only shows that Xiaomi’s under-display camera smartphone will have two versions. One in the middle of the display and the other at the top right. Rumours also claim that once the camera is activated, the area of the screen becomes transparent to reveal the selfie camera.


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