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Xiaomi smartphone users to get Android 13 update soon

Xiaomi is already developing its MIUI 13.5 UX and ColorOS 13 based on Android 13 for its users and could be launching on the back of the Google OS official launch.

With Android 13 approaching a June/July launch date, Xiaomi’s version will not be too far behind. Usually, Google Pixel smartphones get new OS updates months ahead of other Android phone users, and even then, high-end producers like Samsung are first in line.

However, this is likely going to change as Xiaomi (makers of Mi phones) is already working on its UX, using the coming Android update as a base. Although, some of the company’s phones can also be rightly considered to be high-end as well.

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Weibo smartphone leaker @DCS (digital chat station) made the revelation on 25 April 2022, along with a logo for the coming Xiaomi UX.

In January, Xiaomi launched the MIUI 13, and the coming version is expected to be a bridge between it and the 14 version. There are rumours that Xiaomi will roll it out in the second half of the year, just in time with the Android 13 release.

Developers and beta testers using Pixel phones are already taking Google’s latest OS for a spin and document changes, feedback, and more.

It is not clear if Xiaomi will roll out MIUI 13.5 and ColorOS 13 on a new smartphone or just dish it out as an update.

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