You are currently viewing [Watch Video] Xiaomi CEO interacts with CyberOne, a full-sized humanoid robot, on stage
[Watch Video] Xiaomi CEO interacts with CyberOne robot on stage

[Watch Video] Xiaomi CEO interacts with CyberOne, a full-sized humanoid robot, on stage

Xiaomi introduced CyberOne, its first full-size humanoid robot, on stage, where it interacted with the company’s founder and CEO Lei Jun, in a video.

Phone makers Xiaomi continues to prove that it is ready to compete in all tech spaces. With a large share of the smartphone market already cornered, the Chinese company is making large strides in AI and robotics as well.

Debuting the robot during CEO Lei Jun’s annual speech, the event organisers found a 2-minute space for CyberOne to interact with Jun. Although it was a minor back-and-forth, it showed the robot’s understanding of speech and its not-too-fluid movements.

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In another Tweet, Jun mentions that the robot was designed by the Xiaomi Robotics Lab. It measures about 1.77 meters, even taller than the CEO, and weighs 52kg. The company is quite bold for going for a robot so large in its first endeavour and the result shows that they managed to get some things right.

“The story of #CyberOne is one of embarking on a new journey of exploration in the field of intelligent robots. We still have a long way to go, but we always believe that something wonderful is about to happen,” Lei Jun Tweeted about the challenge that building the robot brought.

Xiaomi just launched its slim Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 smartphone, which is currently only available in China. Also, it revealed its progress in the ‘smart’ EV industry and lofty goal of being number one in the next two years.

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