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Xbox users get Instagram-story style feature to share screenshots

Microsoft is rolling out a new Xbox feature that allows users to share screenshots, gameplay clips, and achievements.

On the Xbox app for iOS and Android, you can now share game achievements, screenshots, and clips with friends. Also, it has a response feature that lets you react to other people’s stories as well.

You can find the new story feature on the home screen as it is already available to many Xbox users: it appears as a plus sign on your Gamertag and links directly to your gallery. It also allows for captions.

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Xbox stories can stay up for about 72 hours (or three days), a two-day increment on how long Instagram Stories, which it likely fashioned itself after, can stay. It is quite understandable that Xbox stories stay longer because, unlike the popular social media apps, the Xbox app may not always be your first point of call, and you could miss some updates if they all vanished within a day.

Besides the story-like update, Xbox consoles also get a Quality of Service (QoS) tagging feature. This addition aims to help you maintain your gaming experience even when you have connection issues on congested networks. You can find the new feature from the General option > network settings > advanced settings > QoS tagging from the Settings app.

Microsoft launched the features in Australia first before rolling it out slowly in other regions. If you have not gotten it, you will likely see it soon.

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