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Xbox Officially Reveals Launch Date And Prices Of Coming Gaming Consoles

Xbox had been holding back as much information as it could about its coming Series X and S gaming consoles, but recent leaks forced it to release the prices and launch date.


On Wednesday 9th September 2020, the internet was buzzing with image and price leaks of the Xbox Series S. Of course, the company did not reveal how the details leaked but it did the next best thing; it rode on the rumour train.


Xbox chose to officially reveal the images, prices and launch date of the coming Xbox Series X and Series S consoles when the interests were at an all-time high. In a Tweet, the gaming division of Microsoft said:


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It turns out that all the pricing rumours and speculations were true. The Xbox Series X will sell for $499 while its counterpart, the Series S will sell for $299. With the images of the consoles standing side by side, we see that the controllers would differ in size. Also, the Series S is much smaller than the higher-end X variant.


Tech influencer, Andru Edwards also tried to clear the air regarding the difference in the consoles’ resolution. He Tweeted, “Too many creators are spreading misinformation when comparing @Xbox Series X vs Series S. The difference in power is a correlation to resolution – 4K vs 1440p. The S isn’t going to be/feel slower for gameplay, it just can’t do native 4K/8K gaming (also 512GB vs 1TB.)”


Meanwhile, Tom Warren, a senior editor at The Verge also posted an image of the major differences between the two consoles. The Series X will have 12 Teraflops speed while the S variant will have 4 Teraflops.


Another major difference is that Xbox Series X will come with disc drive but the Series S will be majorly digital. Xbox will launch both consoles on 10th November 2020, but it says that you can start to pre-order them by 22nd September 2020.


If you want to pre-order either the Xbox Series X or Series S, follow this link.


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