You are currently viewing WWDC 2020: ARM Chips Will Now Power Apple MacBooks, Bye Bye Intel

WWDC 2020: ARM Chips Will Now Power Apple MacBooks, Bye Bye Intel

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One of the announcements that Apple made at WWDC 2020 is that it is transitioning its Macbooks from Intel processors to ARM chips. The ARM chip is very similar to the processors that Apple uses in its iPhones and iPads and marks an end to its 14-year relationship with Intel processors.


Apple CEO Tim Cook informed enthusiasts at the WWDC that “The Mac is transitioning to [its] own Apple silicon”. Developers can even start ordering the Macs so they can build software for it. But the first batch of the ARM-based PCs will arrive in the market later in the year.


Although Intel processors offer more computing power, they consume more electric power. Likely, Apple is trying to appeal to customers who prefer a longer battery life. The company’s last macOS Catalina 10.15.5 battery health feature also targets extending the battery life of Mac laptops.


Senior vice president of hardware technologies, Johny Srouji says the move will “give the Mac a whole new level of performance”.

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Although Apple has not released many details of the chip. However, it demonstrated some apps adapted for the new chips. It also used the opportunity to show the capabilities of its ARM-based Macs.


It has shown Final Cut Pro playing three simultaneous 4K video streams; and Photoshop used to edit a large image with complicated edits. Other demonstrations involved Lightroom, Affinity Photo and Cinema 4D powered on MacBooks by Apple’s Arm chips


The move will hurt Intel’s revenue but the chipmaker says it will continue to provide the best experience for its customers.


“We believe Intel-powered PCs — like those based on our forthcoming Tiger Lake mobile platform — provide global customers the best experience in the areas they value most, as well as the most open platform for developers, both today and into the future,” Intel said.


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