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World’s Largest Collection Of 3,900 Rare Whiskies Up For Sale

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Lovers of very expensive whiskies will get the chance to bid on nearly 4,000 rare bottles now up for sale. A  late US soft drink bottling company executive acquired them.


The Whisky Auctioneer company said the so-called “Perfect Collection” includes some bottles believed to be worth millions of pounds. Some of which have never before been seen.


“It’s the largest collection by value, by volume as well,” Whisky Auctioneer founder Iain McClune said in a statement.


largest collection of whiskies up for sale


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Richard Gooding, the head of a Pepsi bottling company, collected the bottles. He died in 2014. Gooding travelled repeatedly to Scotland to find special bottles from small distilleries. According to the company, some of these bottles have ceased to exist.


They include a bottle of 1926 Fine and Rare Macallan. One of them became the most expensive in the world when it sold for £1.5 million ($1.9 million, 1.8 million euros) in October.


bottles of whiskeyskies


The collection of whiskies up for sale will become available in two online auctions organised by the company from February 7-17 and April 10-20 of next year.


“He loved every aspect of it, from researching the many single malt distilleries to visiting them and tasting their whiskies,” Gooding’s widow Nancy said on the auctioneer’s website. “His mission was to collect a bottle that represented every single distillery.”


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