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Working From Home: People Are Looping Videos In Background To Leave Zoom Chats Without Hosts Noticing

People are hacking their way out of Zoom meetings by creating a looping video that makes it seem like they are present. Students are also doing the same thing to get out of online classes while appearing to be listening.


The interesting part is that they are actually getting away with it.


Everyone, who can, is working from home this season as employers have asked their staff to adopt remote work to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Students are also learning from home for the same reason. As schools are closed, lessons are going on uninterrupted online.


Working from home may give one all the luxury of lying in bed and typing away or petting their cat as they complete tasks. However, it may also mean that your boss wants to have a meeting every few hours. Either to check on how things are going or give a briefing.

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Such meetings can be exhausting. This is why people are finding their ways out of being physically present at all times.


According to The Next Web, people have successfully found a way to leave virtual chats on Zoom unattended to. While the software comes with a feature that can tell hosts that their audience has navigated away from an active chat for over 30 seconds, it is helpless when it comes to customising backgrounds.


Matt Buckley was one such person who was able to do this. All he needed to do was add a custom image of himself paying attention as his chat background. Then, he was able to leave the chat unattended without the host noticing.


This is especially useful in meetings where there are more than two people and one person does all the talking.


Buckley also acknowledges, while speaking with Vice, that he had discovered the feature while randomly clicking around the program. While images are okay, looping videos that show one nodding attentively is more convincing.


However, to customise a Zoom background, one must have a subscription to Zoom Rooms. This costs $500 a year. But most employers or educational institutions have already paid for this along with their package to use for meetings and classes.


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