You are currently viewing Wordle is getting a board game, thanks to toy makers Hasbro
Wordle is getting a board game, thanks to Hasbro

Wordle is getting a board game, thanks to toy makers Hasbro

Toy makers Hasbro is turning Wordle into a board game, thanks to a collaboration with the New York Times. It will be called Wordle: The Party Game and is already available for pre-order.

With this physical board game, the online favourite word puzzle game will be playable with friends and at house parties. In a statement, Hasbro Gaming’s Senior Vice President and General Manager Adam Biehl said that the toy company first approached the New York Times with the proposal. 

“What sparked our interest was … how much fun people were having posting the results on social media. That’s when we knew that there was something special about it,” Biehl revealed in an interview with CNN.

The board game will be one of Hasbro’s fastest launches, and Biehl claims that the team made it in less than one year. Its theme is consistent with the game company’s pop-culture direction. It had made Monopoly editions based on popular shows like Bridgerton and Stranger Things.

Biehl added that Hasbro is trying to make the game as authentic to Wordle as possible so that customers will experience the same features that got them excited about the online version in the first place.

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Wordle: The Party Game will enter the market by October 1 and will cost $19.99. It will be sold directly on the Hasbro website as well as on Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Several players can play the board game, and they get six chances to guess a five-letter word. Colour codes assist their choices, with yellow showing that a letter is correct but in the wrong place while green shows that the letter is in the correct spot. It is just like the original online game.

However, in the board version, players can choose playing formats like fast, timed, teams and classic. The timed and fast versions restrict players guessing time. Players in the classic version take turns guessing letters and the round ends after six tries. The teams version has players collaboration and working together.

The fewer tries a player uses, the fewer points they get and at the end of the game, the player with the fewest points win. There are dry-erase boards and markers in the package as well as the green and yellow tiles for hints.

The game will also come with an official word list to use, courtesy of the Times.

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